Silent Mantra Meditiation For Beginners Weekly Group

06:15 pm - 02/20/2018

@ Galactic Center

35 E Toole Ave
Tucson AZ  85701

Most people quit trying to meditate because they think, they think to much!
Thinking does not hinder the result of the profound body relaxation and having a shift in consciousness when using a Silent Mantra method. This works because we are wired for it to work, but it is not taught to us in this society. Getting really still is where truth is revealed within. This is perfect for beginners or folks who have struggled with meditation. That will all change from one Silent Mantra Meditation experiential.

This is a new weekly group starting and the intent is to help people see they can get deep in in meditation and to build a regular group of people who are in the shift of Consciousness happening world wide, to meditate, share thoughts and experience, and to build a new circle of friends that are honest, genuine, loving and are gravitating to era of health, happiness and new higher levels of Consciousness that comes from meditation, awareness and that desire to be around like minded folks that are all on subjective journeys to live in harmony and personal and universal love.

Ricky is a Master level teacher having taught over three thousands hours and also is Kohen by birth. A Kohen is direct bloodline from the biblical Aaron, Moses's brother and was the first Kohen, high priest in Israel.

The Silent Mantra Relaxation Method has shown to be effective for:

Improvement of

memory (++)
intelligence (+)
self-confidence (+)
sociality (+)
inner happiness (+)
general health (+)

anxiety reduction

Striking reduction of anxiety is shown by a
sharp increase in skin electrical resistance.

Reduction or removal of

nervousness (---)
phobias (---)
anxiety (--)
stress (--)
mild depression (--)
headaches (--)
hypertension (--)
existential crisis (--)
insomnia (-)
panic attacks (-)
tobacco abuse (-)
drug abuse (-)
general diseases (-)
ageing (-)

$10.00 - $20.00 suggested donation. Feel free to donate more or less, no one is ever turned away due to lack of funds and nothing stops this method from working, except not doing it. It's a very simple method to slow your heart, drops blood pressure, releases stored stress in the body and often completely takes anxiety out of one's life, usually one will experience this profound relaxation from the first sitting. Ricky is a non-traditionalist that loves all ancient wisdom of all cultures and finds Oneness in all ancient and current spiritual and scientific wisdom.
( charges about $1.500.00 for basically the same method. This method was around for thousands of years before the Maharishi started to hang out with the band The Beatles which is what made it so famous in the late 60's when it became well known in the in this part of the world) ) For two years I interviewed many of the most long term teachers from the TM org and whenever we would get to the root of how and why it works. The TM folks always default to saying its because of the Maharishi, he is my master. After 15 years of learning from the Maharishi, Deepak Chopra was due to take over the tm org when the maharishi passed away. But he told me himself, it became a cult and left for that reason. In addition, Dr Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School attempted to bring the method into the public view by publishing books titled "The Relaxation Response" which is filled with science facts on what happens to the body and mind from doing a Silent Mantra Meditation Method. After studying several forms of meditation, he finds the Silent Mantra method by far the easiest and most effective. Once a person is transcending, its easy to mix in any type of meditation and have success.

Ricky also offers private lessons on a sliding scale, if interested you can contact him at or
or ph. 520-272-0251
He also offers interventions for family and case management help to the love ones of someone needing help with all forms of addictions and offers a holistic approach to helping people with the residue of trauma, spiritual, mental and emotional issues also known as core issues. Ricky channeled a form of Guided Meditation called Meditatining, which helps people develop a new amazing concept of self, self-love & worth & Gratitude on a 30 minutes experiential that cognitive therapy fails to do in years of treatment.

Ricky Gelb has had vast experience helping people with addiction issues and spiritual blocks over 25 years. He has an unusual gift of intuition, perception, compassion & reflection and the calling to help people unnecessarily suffering. He was the founder of a web-based company in Los Angeles, California called that focused on helping people in nine categories of addictions & disorders in 1998, created the first online database of all models of treatment centers nationwide and brought the leading authors together to make the highest level of content available to the public. Ricky is the founder of Silent Mantra (.com) Meditation, Recovery Meditation (.org) and the Meditaining guided meditation experiential that builds gratitude, self-love and worth. Ricky was an Interventionist and case mang. in the music industry for seven years and the founder of Wingtied Wellness Center in Pasadena Ca in 1996 and a consultant for the non-profit The Musician Assistance Program MAP that merged into Musicares and is currently operated by American Music Academy.
He is currently heading up the Consciousness & Wellness Dept. for a national chain of new state of the art addiction rehab centers called America’s Rehab Campuses. Ricky is of direct descent from the biblical Aaron, he is a Kohen, a high jewish priest by birth and believes he gravitates to spirituality naturally for this reason. The job of a Kohen is to be a conduit for others between heaven and earth, to help people step from bridge to shore.

Ricky Gelb
Consciousness, Meditation, Wellness & Spirituality Guide

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